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Hello! My name is Linda Walsh and I am a doll maker and doll pattern designer.

I thought you might like to see a picture of who I am, but as you can tell from the picture above I always have to be different.

Now, I know what you're going to say. You're going to tell me that that isn't a picture of you, Linda!  

Well, you're right!

It's a picture of "The Little Victorian Girl" that has become my Linda Walsh Originals mascot and logo.

So, why am I showing that as a picture representing me?

For a really good reason - SURVIVAL!!!!!!

You see, I live in a house filled with over 1,796 handmade dolls and, they rule everything.

Albeit, I created all of them and they aren't human. But, that doesn't matter to them. They out vote me just by sheer numbers.

So, to keep peace in "The Dollie Storage Room", which is where they live - over the garage, I had to make the picture that represents all of us "The Little Victorian Girl."

We, that is, all the dolls and I, are the owners of Linda Walsh Originals which sells "Doll Patterns For Grown-up Girls!" and Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns which sells "Instant Download E-Patterns For Grown-up Girls!

Now you might be saying you sell dolls for grown-up girls? That's right. Grown-up girls.

You see, I'm a woman who has never outgrown her love of dolls. I just love making them and using them as decorations for my home. I change them with every season and holiday and find they create a wonderful, warm environment for my home.

So, I designed a wide variety of different doll patterns, as well as some craft patterns. My doll patterns are designed for all those grown-up girls who are still little girls in their hearts. They are meant to be loved and displayed as decorations by grown-up girls in their homes and are not intended as toys or products for use by children.

My Linda Walsh Originals doll patterns include: Victorian doll patterns, Victorian Raggedy Ann and Andy doll patterns, primitive doll patterns, primitive Raggedy Ann and Andy doll patterns, colonial doll patterns, country doll patterns, snowmen patterns and snow-lady patterns, bridal doll patterns, scarecrow patterns, witches and ghost patterns, Frankenstein patterns, angel patterns, graduation doll patterns, Santa patterns, pilgrim doll patterns, baby doll patterns, woodland doll patterns, little boy doll patterns and multiple craft patterns.

My doll and craft patterns range from easy for beginners to difficult for the advanced seamstress who wants a challenge.

Whether you are a beginner crafter or experienced seamstress you will love our Victorian, Colonial, Primitive, Country, Seasonal, Holiday, Instant Download E-Patterns, and other doll patterns.  We have print patterns, e-mailed e-patterns, and “Instant” e-patterns. So, please come and visit with us and have some fun

Of course we're a little prejudiced, but we think our patterns and e-patterns really are the BEST. If you'd like to know what makes our e-patterns stand out from everyone else please CLICK HERE.

If you don't know what e-patterns are and would like to find out what e-patterns are and the pro's and cons of e-patterns please CLICK HERE.

And, if you love e-readers like I do you'll be happy to know that all of our e-patterns are easily downloaded and viewed on the Kindle, IPad, and other e-readers.  If you'd like to know more about downloading our e-patterns to the Kindle please CLICK HERE.

We have a brand new FREE 2012 Linda Walsh Originals Print Patterns and E-Patterns E-Catalog that contains pictures of all of our doll and craft designs. If you would like to download our FREE 2012 Linda Walsh Originals Print Patterns and E-Patterns E-Catalog please CLICK HERE and follow the prompts to download. It's a 33 page e-catalog in .PDF format. If you would just like to view our e-catalog online please CLICK HERE.

We are also the owners of Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - Handmade Dolls & Crafts which sells "Handmade Dolls & Crafts For Decorating The Homes of Grown-up Girls! We have hundreds upon hundreds of dolls & crafts all handmade by me available for sale on our new website.

If you are looking for a decoration for your home then we have a doll or craft for every occasion, every season, and every holiday. We have "handmade dolls & crafts" for grown-up girls primitive, Victorian, country, colonial, folk-art, and shabby chic decorating needs.

Please note our handmade dolls & crafts are intended as home decorations and not intended as toys for children

In 2012 we decided to re-open our Linda Walsh Originals Pattern and Handmade Dolls ETSY shop which is filled with many, many of our e-patterns and handmade dolls & crafts.  

Our "Linda Walsh Originals - Patterns & Handmade Dolls For Grown-up Girls!" website showcases everything and anything there is to know about us. Whether it's our print patterns & e-patterns, our handmade dolls, our Gray Is Beautiful line of products, our e-books, our blogs, our photo albums and slide shows, it's all just a click away from our "Linda Walsh Originals - Patterns & Handmade Dolls For Grown-up Girls!" website.  

Besides all of the above I've always wanted to design fabrics using my "dollie" graphics  and was finally able to create a "Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs" shop at If you're looking for fabric to make decorations and/or handmade gifts for a special occasion then we have many fabrics to choose from.  Whether it's a baby shower, little girl's doll or birthday party, little boys birthday party, graduations party, retirement party, senior citizen birthday party, bridal shower, etc. we have fabric designs to help you.    And, of course, we have a new "Linda Walsh Originals Fabric Designs" blog to support our new shop.

In 2013 the "dollies" and I decided to create a new website and product line entitled
"It's Raining Doll Parties" using the Hawk Family children.  Whether it's a tea party, birthday party, crafting party, or friends party then you've come to the right place. "It's Raining Doll Parties" can provide you with easy to make cut and sew cloth dolls, beginner e-patterns that are very easy to make, easy to make paper doll e-printables, coloring e-books, doll party fabric for making all sorts of items, handmade dolls that I've made, a doll party products gallery with invitations, puzzles, cake toppers, kids aprons, wall decals, playing cards, ornaments, wristlets, table decorations, and so much more. We even have dartboards, skateboards, plaques and notebooks.

The "dollies" and I have been having so much fun with our new "It's Raining Doll Parties" Hawk Family Line that we decided to create a new line of party decorations for their alpaca cousins.  Truth be told the "dollies" have been wanting me to do something for their alpaca "cousins"  since I visited them last fall and came back with pictures and pictures of their "cousins."  So the"Alpacas Rock Line" for boys and girls birthday crafting parties was born. 

The "Alpacas Rock Line" of "It's Raining Doll Parties" is for boys and girls birthday crafting parties. The Alpacas Rock Birthday Crafting Party Line consists of graphics of some of the "dollies" alpaca cousins including CosmoMasquerade ,SunflowerZinnia, and Ivy.  Masquerade  who is a a full Peruvian alpaca is the mascot. His fiber is a blend of brown, black, and gray and he has a black and white face.  The "dollies" and I just LOVE his face and I fell in love with him when I visited Rock Garden Alpacas last fall.   If you'd like to read more about my visit to Rock Garden Alpacas please read my "What  A View" and my "My Visit To Rock Garden Alpacas" 
posts.   The Alpacas Rock as a group have their own line of graphics and a large selection of adorable products to choose from as well.

We also created an It's Raining Doll Parties Etsy Shoppe which is filled with all our It's Raining Doll Parties and Alpacas Rock patterns, printables, handmade dolls & Crafts, e-books, quilts, totes, ornaments, favors, decorations and so much more. It's raining doll parties! Let's have some old-fashioned birthday crafting party fun!


In 2012 we created a brand new website called "It's Raining Baby Showers." If you're planning a baby shower and would like to host an enjoyable, old-fashioned shower where you can make all the decorations then  "It's Raining Baby Showers" can provide you with print patterns, e-patterns, e-printables, fabric, handmade dolls, books about baby showers, a baby shower merchandise store, some baby shower ideas and some freebies. We're here to help you plan, make and decorate for your baby shower including handmade decorations, baby favors, centerpieces, ornaments, and so much more. 

We also recently opened a "It's Raining Baby Showers" ETSY shop which is filled with all our It's Raining Baby Showers patterns, printables, handmade dolls & Crafts, e-books, quilts, totes, ornaments, favors, decorations and so much more.  It's raining baby showers! Let's have some old-fashioned decorating fun!

We also have a bookstore all about dolls and doll making called Linda's Doll Bookstore for Books on Dolls and Doll Making. The "dollies" and I just love dolls. So, it is only natural that we would love collecting books about dolls, doll making, doll stories, doll history, paper dolls, cloth dolls, Victorian dolls, colonial dolls, porcelain dolls, doll collecting, doll clothes, doll houses, miniatures and more. In essence, anything and everything relating to dolls. We've selected many, many books that we think you will enjoy. Many of them we've have bought for our collection of books about dolls. Sometimes we add other products about dolls that we think you might like, too. 
Our bookstore is filled to the brim with books. So, if you love books, dolls, and crafting dolls you're going to love our bookstore.


Plus, we created a "Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery" for selling our "Gray Is Beautiful" line of products. We've got hundreds upon hundreds of products with all the wonderful graphics created by the "Gray Is Beautiful" line of dolls.  They are products geared towards all the baby boomers, senior citizens, grandmothers, grandfathers with gray and white hair. The"Grays" are "Proud to be Gray" and don't mind telling you so. They are in charge and have been working really hard on their brand new store.

At the "Gray Is Beautiful Products Gallery" we are proud of our age & our gray hair and proud to say so. After all, we have earned each and every strand. We say "Be PROUD" of your gray. Whether you are a senior citizen, baby boomer, female, or just have gray or white hair our "Gray Is Beautiful" products are for you. 

We also have a Linda Walsh Originals Etsy Shoppe where we sell some of our handmade dolls and e-patterns. If you get a chance, please pay us a visit.  

Plus, we're now on Pinterest and have many, many wonderful boards created showcasing our many arts and crafts interests.  If you'd like to follow us on Pinterest please CLICK HERE of click on the button below:

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A couple of months ago the "dollies" and I decided to create some video's of everything we are doing.  So, we created several video's and set-up a LWOrig YouTube channel so you could easily view them.  Our first video is entitled: "There's So Much To See and Do At Linda Walsh Originals" and is all about us.  You can view that video at the bottom of this page

Our second video showcases our love for "faceless" dolls and is entitled: "Faceless Beauties By Linda Walsh Originals" and showcases some of our Victorian "Ladies."

We also created a video for the "Gray Is Beautiful" series and gallery.  If you'd like to see that video please CLICK HERE.

And, if you'd like to see the video of all our Victorian Dolls please CLICK HERE.

Besides our "About Us" page here we also have a Linda Walsh - Google Profile page with links to some of our websites, blogs, and social networking sites.

We also maintain the  Everything E-Directory. I just LOVE lists and I've been keeping lists for many, many years now of some of my favorite e-product and handmade crafts websites. So, I decided that I should share some of my lists with you. A kind of pay it forward way to save you some time and help some of my small business artist and crafter friends. So, I created the Everything E-Directory.

I'm going to continue to add to my lists and hope my lists are helpful to you. If you're an artist or crafter who wants to get listed just CLICK HERE for more information on getting listed in our Everything E-Directory.

Whether you’re looking for E-Patterns, E-Books, E-Tutorials, E-Pictorials, E-Classes, E-Printables, Graphics, Video’s, Podcasts, Blogs, E-Zines, E-Tailers, E-Stores, E-Directories, E-Communities, Handmade Crafts Websites, Crafts Suppliers, Crafting Plugboards, Website Hosting, Picture Hosting,  and so much more we are your one source for EVERYTHING Efor your crafting needs.

The Everything E-Directory is a wonderful directory for listing and advertising your website, blog, and/or products. The best part is you can list your websites and blogs for FREE. Just CLICK HERE for more information on listing in the Everything E-Directory. For our advertisers we've provided plenty of additional benefits for advertising as well as freebies. Just CLICK HERE for more information on advertising in the Everything E-Directory.

And, of course, we created a new "Everything E For Crafts E-Directory Blog" to support our newest website.

If all that isn't enough we also have "a zillion blogs" which we also write for.

Needless to say we do a lot of writing.

Our blogs are as follows:

We actually have other blogs, but, you get the idea.

We do have a "zillion" blogs.

Why so many, you might wonder?

Well, the dolls just love to see their names in print.

Plus, now we are on . We have set-up a Linda Walsh Public Profile Page and pages that you can become fans of for our Linda Walsh Originals website, our Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website, our Linda Walsh Originals Dolls - Handmade Doll & Crafts website, our Gray Is Beautiful Gallery, our Linda's Doll Bookstore, our Linda's Crafts Bookstore, and our Top Blogs By Crafters Toplist.

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